Fashion Week Apartment

This see’s us invite the top social influencers from the fashion industry to a place where they can work, relax and engage with a handful of brands during fashion week. The guest list includes no more than 60 top bloggers from around the world.

The reason why it works? we were the first place that bloggers found cool, helpful, and relevant. our guest list includes the best bloggers that attend fashion week and so you tend to find that they all know each other, so this sense of familiarity and general comfort of the fact that their friends will also be at the apartment, enables us to have an edge over other ‘lounges’ that have now popped up.

We don’t approach activity in a conventional way, the apartment during fashion week is supposed to feel like their house; they get familiar with the surroundings and don’t feel like they have to please any brand or company representative, everything happens very organically.